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Tirana, Albanie

Universiteti Epoka

type de l'université: universités
statut d'université: privées


Rr. Tiranë-Rinas, Km. 12 1039 Tiranë, tel. +355 (42) 232 086

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Architecture études en anglais
Constructions civiles études en anglais
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Computer Engineering études en anglais
Economics in the "Economics" and Banking and Finance" profiles études en anglais
Political Science and International Relations études en anglais

Epoka University was licensed by the Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 281, dated 12.03.2008. It is owned by the Turgut Özal Education Company, which has also established and operated the much-acclaimed system of Turkish primary and high schools in Albania since 1992.

Epoka University was founded in order to address the needs of Albania and the Balkans for an institution of higher education based on the American Educational System.

The objectives of the founders are to increase the quality and effectiveness of education and training systems in the region, to facilitate the access of all to the education and training and to open these systems up to the wider world.

Raising the quality and standards of learning is essential if Albania is to become a more competitive and dynamic society in this age of globalization and if its citizens are to be able to develop their own skills to their full potential.

site Web d'université: www.epoka.edu.al/


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